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Tepa Lukkarinen (b.1959) is an old school roots musician. Been on a road bout 30 yrs now and still make a living touring mainly in Finland and Sweden.
With his band De Soto they have recorded 6 albums along the way and performed at main roots festivals in Finland.
Sixth album is out now. It is availble on cd and vinyl. Digital distribution is provided by Superlala Germany.
Album contains 6 songs. Getting back to old times  with double bass and Gretsch. True stories with three chords ;) Good rockin danceable foot stomping rock´n roll is what you´ll get.

De Soto has been founded in later half of 1983 and started gigs 1984.
Tepa Lukkarinen is often seen as a troubadour doing bout 80-100 gigs per year. Playing own songs and country covers and new arrangements of  60´s-70´s  hit songs.
At the precent time Tepa is living in northern Sweden near Finnish border.

New soloalbum out now! Little bit different  dark americana/country! Listen here!
More information bout De Soto, Tepa Lukkarinen from:
Instagram: tepalukkarinen
Facebook: tepa lukkarinen

De Soto:
My Thang -90
Friday Night -94
Party Time  -98
Goes Upright & Frozen Alive -2009
Rocky Road - 2019
Highway Calls... -2023

Tepa Lukkarinen:   Soloalbum out now!!

Countryman    - 2023

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