Tepa Lukkarinen (b.1959) is an old school roots musician. Been on a road bout 30 yrs now and still make a living touring mainly in Finland and Sweden.
With his band De Soto they have recorded 5 albums along the way and performed at main roots festivals in Finland. Fifth album came out in October 2019. It is availble on CD and  LP with a voucher. Digital distribution is provided by Superlala Germany.
Album is musical journey from Tex/Blues/Rockabilly to Country and includes even some Progressive Bluesrock elements.
De Soto has been founded in later half of 1983 and started gigs 1984.
Tepa Lukkarinen is often seen as a troubadour doing bout 80-100 gigs per year. Playing own songs and country covers and new arrangements of  60´s-70´s  hit songs.
At the precent time Tepa is living in northern Sweden near Finnish border.
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Instagram: tepalukkarinen
Facebook: tepa lukkarinen
De Soto
My Thang -90
Friday Night -94
Party Time  -98
Goes Upright & Frozen Alive 2009
Rocky Road - 2019